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MATZOH, MORDECHAI & MOISHY. Parking choices @ the master theater: 1- Across the street from the theater at 90 oceana drive. Go through security check. Then turn left, then right, or turn right then left. (2 sep. garages). Drive down lane straight into garage. $13. 2- municipal parking 3145 Brighton 4th street. 6 min walk to theater.

Click on section on map to choose seats. Print out your tickets and they will be scanned at the door. Groups of 15 or more 10% off: use code: 0sEUKn. Coupon code is Cap sensitive. Click on section in the map. Choose seats in the section. Then enter code in the coupon code box underneath. Then hit add to cart. Discount is reflected under the CVV box. Family & Separate seating. Men’s seating: left side mezzanine. Women’s seating: right side mezzanine. Theater not wheelchair accessible.

Matzoh Mordechai & Moishy!, April/24/2019 2:00:PM



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